Top 5 Tips to NATAS Fair Deals


If you are planning to visit the NATAS Fair at Singapore Expo to find a good travel deal, here are the five tips on how to snap up a good travel deal.

Tip #1 Do Not Go Too Early

On the contrary to what most people believe that you should arrive before the event begins, my experience tells me that if you arrive early, you will end up forming part of the long queue.

Time your entrance strategically.

Reach there at around 11 am (1 hour after the event starts), you will be surprised how quickly and smoothly you can get into the hall. Yet it is still not too late to grab the freebies reserved for early birds.

Tip #2 Bring All Your Credit Cards

UOB credit card has always been one of the main credit card sponsors of NATAS Fair, so logically you should bring along your UOB credit card.

Other credit card companies participating in the travel fair are ANZ, CIMB, Citibank, DBS Bank, HSBC, Maybank and OCBC are likely to throw in travel gifts or interest-free instalment plans to alleviate your travel budget constraints especially when you purchase a big ticket item like a tour package to Europe, Bhutan or South America.

So, just bring along all your credit cards to enjoy NATAS credit card promotions.

Tip #3 Rental Car – Freedom On Wheels

Check out the rental car companies like Hertz and Avis if you are planning for a self-drive trip in France, Spain, Australia or New Zealand.

For example, the rental car rate can be as low as 26 euro per day when you drive in Spain. You will be amazed by the cost saving when renting a car compared with buying a Rail Europe Pass.

Tip #4 NATAS Fair Travel Insurance Deals

I started buying annual travel plan instead of single-trip travel insurance plan for mere convenience and to save some cost. Sometimes, convenience pays. My sister’s family of three committed to a Taiwan holiday trip last year. They did not buy a travel insurance plan after their trip was confirmed. When she fell utterly sick a week before the departure date, her whole family had to cancel the trip that cost S$5,000 without any compensation.

For my experience, I successfully made a travel insurance claim last year when my flight was delayed for more than 12 hours in Mongolia. When I was stranded in Mongolia and needed to fork out additional cash to buy an air ticket, I was so glad that I had some form of coverage to ease the inconvenience.

As a frequent traveller, I am a strong advocate for travel insurance to be part of any holidays budget planning. Hence, I always check out the travel insurance deals at the NATAS Fair and compare the rates and benefits coverage with my existing travel insurance plan to make sure I get value for my money.

Tip #5 NATAS Airfare Promotion

Again, check out the airfare promotion at NATAS Travel Fair by participating airlines like Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Finnair, Jetstar and Lufthansa.

I am particularly interested in long-haul full-service airlines’ promotion to destinations like South America, Europe, the USA as the discounts can be considered substantial. Worth mentioning is the recent British Airways promotion that offers flying to two European cities at one price – i.e. London & Barcelona for one price at S$1288!

Whether you are looking for quick weekend getaways or a long-haul and faraway holidays, you will definitely find a good travel deal that suits your needs.


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