Nanya Night Market – 南雅夜市

by Danny Lee

Nanya Night Market 眼鏡仔豬血湯

Source: Danny Lee

On the day of arrival in Taipei, we decided to visit the Nanya Night Market(南雅夜市) first though it’s not as famous as the Shilin Night Market or Raohe Night Market. But I have a strong reason to be there – I missed the very special soup – Pig’s Blood Soup there! (sounds bloody?)

How to get to Nanya Night Market

After checking into our hotel near Ximending and offload our luggage, we took a leisure walk to Ximending MRT station. We hopped onto a train to Taipei Main Station and transferred to the Blue line or also known as Ban-nan(阪南) line. Take the train towards Banqiao(板橋) and alight at Fuzhong(府中) station.

At Fuzhong station, there are signs to lead you to the correct exit to Nanya Night Market. The walk from the station to the night market takes about 15 minutes. If that’s too far for you, there are many cabs outside the station at your service.

Pig’s Blood Soup 眼睛仔豬血湯

Pig's Blood Soup 豬血湯

The first stall we patronized was the “Speckie” pig’s blood soup stall (眼睛仔豬血湯). Every time I visit this soup stall, I reminisced the good old days when my mum used to cook my favorite dish of fried pig’s blood cubes! The bowl stuffed with very generous amount of blood cubes, bite-sized small intestines and also lots of green vegetables. The broth, surprisingly, it’s not as oily as it looks. It has a tinge of sweetness that probably comes from the soup stock base.

The rest of the stalls in Nanya Night Market sell the usual local food you find in a night market. But if you need some advice, I suggest you try the fried squid with wasabi powder toppings (it can really give you a kick!), braised chicken feet, smelly doufu, etc.

“Milk Bottle” Popcorn 南雅夜市奶瓶爆米花

I didn’t believe it when I saw a super long queue of about 50 people waiting their turn to buy popcorn! Well, I didn’t queue because it could take up to an hour. So if you’ve queued for her popcorn, tell me is it really that good?

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